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When are sworn translations needed?

Sworn translations are necessary to guarantee the fidelity of the translation when the legal, administrative or academic documents are written in a language different from the country in which they are to be presented, in this case in Spain, and which must be presented before a official body.

Demand for documents being legalised through sworn translation is becoming more frequent and higher, due to the continuous and growing migration in the country, and even more in the main cities of Spain, since it is one of the most important steps when people want to make their status in the destination country official.

Generally, one of the most common procedures in Spain is to marry a foreign person, and for this, it is an essential requirement that all legal documents are duly translated with the legal validity that only a sworn translation gives.

Another of the procedures that are most carried on a daily basis is the application for nationality, and the different types of temporary residence that currently exist in Spain, whether for studies, for work, for settling or others. It should always be taken into account that the documentation that will require a sworn translation must be previously legalised and apostillised with the Hague stamp, if the person’s country of origin is one of the countries to have signed the agreement.

In area of business, thanks to globalization and their willingness to expand their products and services throughout the world, companies are also increasingly demanding . When companies wish to participate in a public tender process, open a branch in Spain, or vice versa, outside the country, or simple negotiations, absolutely all documents must be legalised, apostillised and translated into the official language of the destination country, so that they can be presented to official bodies with the desired legality.

Minimum essential characteristics of a sworn translation:

Procés de sol•licitud de Traducció Jurada:

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