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Sworn translator in Barcelona and Sabadell

Are you looking for a sworn translator in Barcelona? Do you need a technical translation? Well you are in the right place! At Eikatrad we are professional, sworn and technical translators and interpreters with offices in Barcelona and Sabadell.

Our translators and collaborators are native speakers of the language into which they translate, which is why our specialized sworn translation services are the most in demand. If you need a quality translation at a good price, do not hesitate, request a quote or contact us.

Our services


Sworn translation

The sworn translation is a legal translation, carried out by a sworn translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC).


Simple translate

The simple translation is one of the most requested translations on Eikatrad, and although it seems simple, it is fair and necessary.


Technical Translation

Technical translation makes it possible to market the products and services of a brand or company, direct the marketing, advertising, information and business of said organization.

What kind of translation do you need?

We provide translation, sworn translation and interpretation services. Call now and ask for your translation quote without obligation.

The advantage of having a Project Manager

At Eikatrad, we assign a Project Manager for each customer, thus making the negotiation and communication more personalised and ensuring the preferences for and specific needs of each project are fulfilled:

Interpretation Specialists

We have native interpreters, experienced in different sectors. We have experience in meetings, conferences, personalised accompaniment, etc. We also have sworn interpreters, specialised in any type of legal interpretation, either within the scope of business (agreements, contracts, etc.) or judicial (litigation, arbitration, judicial interviews, etc…).

Specialists Proofreading

We are experts in the proofreading of all types of documents, web pages, catalogues, etc. We correct any language and adapt any text so that the final result is the perfect one for the destination country for which the documentation is intended. Sometimes, it is not only a grammatical correction that is needed, but also a style correction that make the texts have the correct meaning for the end user.

Audio transcription

Do you have any video or audio that needs to be transcribed to an editable document? At Eikatrad, we have specialised personnel and programs for the transcription of any type of video or audio file.
We can also subtitle videos in the languages you need, as well as carry out dubbing in any language.

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Eikatrad, your sworn translation agency in Barcelona

At Eikatrad, your sworn translation agency, we have extensive experience of more than 20 years and we have expert sworn translators, technical translators and interpreters in all languages. All of them have degrees and are always native speakers of the language into which they translate.

With offices in Barcelona and Sabadell, we offer our sworn translation and technical translation services throughout Spain. Our services and efforts are designed by and for you, so that you have the care and assistance you need. We have and collaborate with the best sworn translators in Spain, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC). It does not matter where you request a service from us. We deliver all our sworn translations at home.

Eikatrad offers all its translation services nationally and internationally. Our commitment is to combine professionalism and linguistic quality, both for private clients and for companies.

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