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At Eikatrad we are a team of highly qualified professionals duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), which validates us legally and professionally for carrying out sworn translations in any of the languages that our customers need, and Italian is one of them. Our sworn translations are legally accepted as required by the body to which the documents must be submitted.

Our team not only supports the trust of its customers under the required legal certifications, but also works with high standards of professionalism, responsibility, agility, personalised attention and at very competitive prices, and we are always focused on good service and excellence in our translations.

In general, what are the documents that need a sworn translation into Italian and vice versa?

There are many, but here we mention the most recurrent:

Why a sworn translation and not a standard translation?

When customers need to present documentation to any official entity, and these documents are in a language different from that of the country of destination, in this case, different from Spanish, the documents must be validated with a sworn translation, certified and endorsed by professionals that guarantee the validity and trustworthiness of the document’s content. It is normal that each country requires legal documents in its official language.

If, upon receiving the documents sent by the customers, we review them and determine that a sworn translation is not necessary, we will communicate it as quickly as possible and thus prevent the customer from paying for a service that they do not need. In this way we earn more, because we earn the trust and recommendations of our customers and one more customer in the future.

Is the procedure to obtain a sworn translation the same in any city in Spain? Yes, the procedure is the same for requesting and obtaining a sworn translation in any city in Spain:

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