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Are Eikatrad Translators duly certified and endorsed by any official body?

Yes, indeed, at Eikatrad all translators are properly accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), which is the body that gives the authenticity necessary for the sworn translation to be valid at the time of filing with the official body that receives it.

At Eikatrad we are experts in Sworn Portuguese Translation

At Eikatrad we are specialists in the sworn translation of Portuguese of all types of legal documents, such as: reports, contracts, notarial deeds, technical manuals, catalogues, etc.

Our translations are accurate, fast, certified and at the best price...

Eikatrad is a company with high-class, modern, practical, reliable, and duly certified translators. We focus on offering an excellent personalised service and being prompt in providing answers and delivering results, while being committed to the value that our work represents for us and for each of our customers.

In our sworn translations we evaluate and respect the market to offer competitive prices that allow us to maintain our operations efficiently and that leaves the customer satisfied with the money they have paid for a legal and efficient service.

Translations in Portuguese, one of the most requested languages ...

In the area of sworn translations, translations in Portuguese are very frequently requested since it is one of the official languages, not only of Portugal, but also of Brazil and Angola among others.

For documents that come from Brazil, it is important to keep in mind that this country is one of the signatories of the Hague Convention, so the apostille is indispensable, either by an official body in Brazil or by its consulate in Spain, to then be able to carry out the sworn translation.

How to contact Eikatrad to request a quote

It is very easy! And our customers have a large number of methods through which they can contact us if they need our services. The channels we currently have available are:

To request a quote or for advice, you should simply contact us and send us the documents that need to be translated. We will evaluate the material received, send you the corresponding quote, which must be approved by the customer, and we will deliver the sworn translation within the agreed period.

Our sworn translations come at excellent prices, and are reliable and certified.

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