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A sworn translation in French is required when the following procedures have to be carried out:

A sworn translation in French is required when the following procedures have to be carried out:

  • When you want to work abroad: This process involves all duly apostillised and translated academic documentation. The translations must be done by a certified sworn translator. At Eikatrad, our customers find professionalism and certification.
  • In the case of marriage with foreign persons: It is an essential requirement to provide all the documentation to the official authority that is responsible for receiving it, duly apostillised and certified by a sworn translator.
  • In the case of application for nationality or residence in Spain: The foreign citizen must present a sworn translation of all the documentation required with the respective Hague Apostille.
  • In instances in which foreign companies wish to tender or position themselves inside Spain they must also go through a legal process in which the apostille will be required and then the sworn translation of all the documents requested.

And remember! First the Hague Apostille, then the Sworn Translation

First, each and every one of the documents with the Hague stamp must be apostillised if this procedure applies, because they are from countries that are part of the Hague Convention. And then the sworn translation is done, since the apostille must also be correctly translated.

Check if your country of origin is part of the Hague Convention: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/es/ServiciosAlCiudadano/SiEstasEnElExtranjero/Documents/ConveniodelaHaya.pdf

What are the documents that usually need a sworn French translation?

How to send the documents to Eikatrad and request a quote?

A sworn translation in French or in any other language is a service that, whenever the customer is outside their country of origin, they must request each time they have to carry out a legal procedure in the destination country. Depending on the reasons for migrating, different types of documents will be required and each one will need a sworn translation into the language of the destination country.

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