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To get an excellent professional in this language, which for many is so complicated, customers should only contact experts accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC), as we are at Eikatrad. Here we have the best team of experts and certified translators for correctly carrying out a sworn translation in German.

Sworn translated documents in German must have the Hague Apostille?

All public documents need to be apostillised before the sworn translation in German is carried out. This is necessary so that the document is legally valid in another country. And the apostille must also be translated.

The Hague Apostille is nothing more than a legalisation procedure in which the document is validated, so that it can be used with any public body for the purposes of any procedure, whether it is residency, studies and/or work in the country that is part of the Hague Convention, for which it has been validated with the stamp.

The Hague Apostille must be applied to the document before the sworn translation in German is carried out, since the Apostille must also be translated. It is always important. And it is only valid in the signatory countries of the Hague Convention.


Is Germany a signatory country of the Hague Convention?

Yes, Germany is among the more than 110 signatory countries of the Hague Convention, together with: Spain, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, and many more.

In the event that the country of origin of the documents is not included in the Convention, the documents must be legalised by a diplomatic or consular figure.

En el caso de que el país de origen de los documentos no esté incluido en el Convenio, los documentos deberán legalizarse bajo una figura diplomática o consular.

Where to get the Apostille in Spain.

Public, notarial and judicial documents:

What are the steps to follow to request a sworn German translation?

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