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At Eikatrad we are a team of highly qualified professionals in the area of ​​sworn translations and sworn interpreting, all of our sworn translators are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), and our sworn translations bear the name and the identification number of the sworn translator who performs it, which gives it the legal validity that the document needs to be presented before any official body.

Sworn translations are nothing more than the faithful translation of any document that must be presented for any official procedure.

According to Spanish legislation, it is essential that all documents that are not written in Spanish and that need to have some legal effect in the country, must be duly presented together with a sworn translation that is correctly supported by the signature and number of a translator. official jury recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC).

To carry out a sworn translation at Eikatrad, it is not necessary to bring the original document to our offices, we only need the client to send us a copy through one of our contact methods (email, form or via WhatsApp).

In Barcelona every week there is a large growth in the foreign population that wishes to reside in Spain’s most cosmopolitan city for different personal reasons, for business reasons, for asylum application issues and/or international protection. Other countries in Europe, people from the African continent and more, continue to add to a significant number of migrants in Catalonia.

This growth is what has made Eikatrad establish itself in the city of Barcelona, in order to meet this large number of requests for sworn translations, in the different cases in which people need to translate their documents, after legalising and apostillising them in their respective countries, to be able to provide a direct and personalised service so that customers feel satisfied and confident in our services.

We understand the sensitivity and seriousness required for the documentation provided for sworn translation in any language. Generally, it is a process that generates a lot of customer concern, and we want to be part of the process in which they get what they need in terms of the professionalism, responsibility and direct attention that customers deserve.

When is a sworn translation needed?

The services of a sworn translator, or official translator, will be needed when the documents to be submitted are written in a language other than Spanish and are required to carry out some legal procedure in any official body. Today, due to the potential growth of migratory movements in the country, coming from different countries and continents, the need for the service of a sworn translator is more and more frequent to be able to start any legal process.

What are the most frequent procedures that require a sworn translation?

About the Hague Apostille:

When the customer’s documents come from a country that belongs to the group of the signatory countries of the Hague Convention, it is important that the customer understands that their documents must be previously apostillised, since the apostille must also be translated in order for it to be valid for the official body.

This apostille, the procedure in which the signature of a public or notarial document is legalised, is only valid for signatory countries of the Hague Convention. This agreement includes 110 countries, among which are: Spain, the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Romania, Russia and Switzerland, among others. Countries that are not included in the Convention must legalise their documents through diplomatic channels.

To find out about the Hague Apostille process in Spain, the customer must access the following link:


Steps to follow to request a Sworn Translation at Eikatrad:

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