Sworn Translator in Madrid

If you are in Madrid and need a sworn translator, Eikatrad offers you the best sworn translators with the best prices and fast delivery.

At Eikatrad we have a large team of professionals in the city of Madrid to prepare the sworn translations that our clients need, regardless of their nature: legal, administrative or academic. Our team is highly qualified and legally certified to offer official sworn translator services in Madrid in any language. The most frequent are: English, French, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, etc.

Our clients have the opportunity to contract the official sworn translator service certified by the Eikatrad MAEC in Madrid, because it is one of the cities with the highest demand for sworn translation services due to its large migratory movement and its wide range of demands. officers to be able to legalize and develop different activities within the Community of Madrid. It is important for our clients to be aware that all our translators are recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), which guarantees the official validity of each of our sworn translations.

Why is Eikatrad's presence in Madrid important?

At Eikatrad we have chosen the capital as one of the main cities to provide our sworn translation service, because we are aware of the high demand that currently exists, and that due to the process of globalization and crisis in neighboring countries and other continents, Spain continues to being one of the leading countries in the reception of the migrant population, which chooses this country as a destination to settle for different reasons.

For this reason, at Eikatrad we make our services available to people in the country’s capital, providing quality, personalized service at excellent prices, and with the guarantee and seriousness that this activity requires.

Sworn translations in Madrid and their attributes:

  • At Eikatrad, the translators are certified by the
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC).
  • In addition, we are available to the client to give advice and personalized attention.
  • Sworn translations are carried out with the greatest guarantee and are duly supported.
  • We are responsible and that is why our MAEC official sworn translator service in Madrid ensures compliance with the established delivery deadlines.
  • We give our customers competitive prices.
  • We develop each of our activities with professionalism and quality.

The most requested documents for sworn translation in Madrid are:

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