Sworn Translator in Seville

If you are in Seville and need a sworn translator, Eikatrad offers you the best sworn translators with the best prices and fast delivery.

Why is the official sworn translator service important in Seville?

Seville is one of the cities with the highest demand for sworn translation of legal, administrative and official documents in the country, to be presented to the different official, academic and administrative bodies, either from another language to Spanish or vice versa. Some of the most requested documents for sworn translation are: Birth Certificate, Criminal Record Certificate, judgments or judicial resolutions, titles and academic records, driving licenses, medical certificates, passports, DNI and other documents that are an essential requirement for paperwork. homologation, marriage, residence, nationality, business, studies and more.

For this reason, we provide the MAEC official sworn translator service in Seville, so that the largest number of clients in this city and its surroundings have the opportunity to enjoy the service without having to travel to other cities. Seville currently has a large migratory, economic and multicultural movement, which significantly increases the demand for our services.

How to obtain a Sworn Translation from Eikatrad in Seville?

Too easy! The client should only…

  • Contact Eikatrad through our website and/or telephone numbers.
  • Send the documents in jpg or pdf format through WhatsApp or via email.
  • Once the documents have been reviewed, at Eikatrad we advise and send the budget.
  • Once the budget is approved, our official sworn translator in Seville begins to work within the estimated time established in the quotation.
  • Once the translation is finished, the client is contacted so that they can pick up the original translated documentation at our offices, or they can inform us of the address to which the documents should be sent.

What the customer should know: IMPORTANT!

  • Estimates are delivered in less than an hour.
  • To carry out the work, the budget must be previously approved by the client.
  • The documents must be duly apostilled with the seal of The Hague, if applicable. The Hague Apostille must also be translated.
  • In order for the documents to have legal effect before the authorities and organizations to which they are going to be presented, they must be originals, since copies will not be accepted for the process to which they will be submitted.

Price of a sworn translator in Seville:

The price of the service of an official Eikatrad sworn translator in Seville varies according to the complexity of the document to be prepared and the number of pages it contains. However, at Eikatrad, we strive to offer the best prices while maintaining excellence in our services.

The client only has to send the documents, for our review and personalized and detailed quote of the service. Once the budget has been reviewed and accepted, the official MAEC sworn translator in Seville from Eikatrad begins to work to deliver the documents in the shortest possible time, duly stamped and signed by the translator representing our organization.

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