Sworn Translator in Valencia

If you are in Valencia and need a sworn translator, Eikatrad offers you the best sworn translators with the best prices and fast delivery.

Eikatrad in Valencia:

Undoubtedly, Valencia represents one of the cities and autonomous communities with the greatest economic and social boom in Spain. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, and a large part of the foreign population that decides to have some legal link in national territory, opts for Valencia as the best option to live and settle legally through the different types of residences or nationality.

At Eikatrad we continue to grow, and we have profiled being present in the most important cities so that each of our current and potential clients feels cared for and safe with our services. When a sworn statement is needed, although the process can be started by any of our means of contact, the final result must be delivered in physical format and we normally do it in our offices, rather than by regular mail, which is why it is so interesting. have an official sworn translator in Valencia.

What must be done to obtain a sworn translation from Eikatrad in Valencia?

  • The client must communicate through any of our means of contact.
  • Once advised by Eikatrad, the client must send the document to be translated via WhatsApp or mail (for the translation we receive the copy, it does not necessarily have to be the original).
  • In less than an hour the client receives the budget with the details of the activity and the delivery time.
  • Once the sworn translation is done, the MAEC official sworn translator must sign and certify the work done.
  • Finally, the client is contacted to pick up the sworn translation at our offices or at the email address of their choice.

Regarding the sworn translation of Eikatrad in Valencia: IMPORTANT!

  • The Eikatrad sworn translation must be delivered to the client. If the client does not present the original to the body before which the procedure will be carried out, the document will not be valid.
  • The document must be apostilled with the seal of The Hague before the MAEC official sworn translator in Valencia performs said translation. The Hague Apostille must also be under a sworn translation.
  • The client must consult the consulate of their country, if it applies for the Hague apostille.
  • Before ordering the services of an official sworn translator in Valencia, you must always verify that it is an official translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, MAEC, in this way the full legal validity of the translation will be guaranteed. This is the case of Eikatrad, all our translators are certified by the MAEC.

The most demanded languages for sworn translation in Valencia are:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arab
  • Other translations

Here are some of the most requested documents for sworn translation in Valencia:

  • Birth certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Degrees and academic records
  • passports
  • ID and others
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