Sworn Translator in Zaragoza

If you are in Zaragoza and need a sworn translator, Eikatrad offers you the best sworn translators with the best prices and fast delivery.

Eikatrad is present in the most important cities in the country…

And Zaragoza is one of those cities in which we at Eikatrad have decided to position ourselves, due to its high level of migration and its rapid growth in the demand for legal processes that require our services. More and more foreign communities are joining the growing population in Zaragoza, who need to establish themselves under the legal parameters required by the community and the country in general, to develop a life with total normality and legality. Due to this, at Eikatrad we offer an official MAEC sworn translator service in Zaragoza for languages ​​such as English, French, German, Russian or Portuguese, among others.

The demand and variety in the different processes that migrants need continues to increase and sworn statements are an important part of these processes, since all documents that are in a language other than Spanish and that need to be presented to any public body , official, administrative and/or academic, must be under the figure of a certified sworn translation. Zaragoza, being a city with an economic movement in constant progress, has meant that at Eikatrad we have the need to be present and make our services immediately available to all those who reside in that city.

At Eikatrad we are committed to the growth and strengthening of our organization, and one of our fundamental pillars is excellence in customer service. For this reason, we focus on providing immediacy and presence in the cities where our services are in greatest demand.

The most requested documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Judgments or judicial resolutions
  • Degrees and academic records
  • driving licenses
  • medical certificates
  • passports
  • ID
  • Others

The Hague Apostille, before or after the sworn translation?

Before requesting the services of our official sworn translator in Zaragoza, the documents must be correctly legalized and apostilled with the Hague seal, if the country to which the client belongs is one of the signatory countries of the agreement. For more information, the client should go to the consulate of the country of origin closest to his residence.

Do Eikatrad translators have legal validity? Are they appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Yes, all the professionals who provide the official sworn translator service in Zaragoza with Eikatrad are appointed by the MAEC, which gives our brand absolute support in the validity of our work so that the client feels completely confident and secure.

When is a sworn translation from Eikatrad needed in Zaragoza?

When it is necessary for the document to have legal effect in Spain before any public or private body in which the validation of that information is going to be processed. A sworn translation is nothing more than an exact translation certified and supported by a team of professionals who are governed by Spanish law so that they are in Spanish or vice versa, signed and certified by the sworn translator who performs it.

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