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About us

Eikatrad is a translation agency in Barcelona accredited by the MAEC that offers translation services throughout Spain. It began its activity in 2008 and has a large team of highly qualified professional translators and interpreters. After a long time working independently, we decided to pool our years of experience, our knowledge and launch a common project in order to offer quality professional linguistic services, and this is how our translation company was born.

At Eikatrad we love translating and above all we love a job well done, that’s why we put all our experience and passion into each project. For us, the most important thing is that each translation is perfect and totally adapted to the language and country where it is destined.

We have collaborators all over the world, rigorously selected for each type of translation.

Our sworn translation company has commercial, technical and sworn translators (accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cooperation MAEC). Our team has also been joined by the best interpreters, audiovisual editors and graphic designers. We are a large group of professionals united by our great passion, languages and their translation.

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Discover all the services of our MAEC sworn translation agency in Barcelona and entrust the communication needs of your company to the best professionals.

business translations, technical and jury


Consecutive interpretations and simultaneous


Correction, revision and transcript


Punctuality in delivery times


seriousness and commitment confidentiality


Rates competitive

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